TARLAC HIGH SCHOOL CLASS 1971 ( considers Privacy as a critical element of a free society. It is a fundamental human right, recognized in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. The capability of to collect, use, or disclose personal information “ only “ for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances." were based on the foregoing principles.

Collection of Information

Keeping Member/s information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. We value your trust and therefore, handle information as you will care. will only collect information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address (this will serve as your sign-in name / sign-in email) and password. We limit member information to Coordinating Members, Classmates and authorized personnel who need to know that information in order for classmates to network with each other and to efficiently service other classmates and friends. Our Coordinating Members and staff are bound by a code of ethics requiring confidential treatment of Member Information and any infraction shall be the subject of disciplinary action In the registration process, we will also be asking you to choose a secret question and answer to ensure your protection and convenience if you have forgotten or lost your password. On the other hand, any transaction involving payments for events, fund-raising and other activities of, whether online or off-line, you will be requested to provide Sensitive Information such as debit/ credit card (card number, the expiration month and year, and the 3- digit security code) or any checking account information. will also collect the Internet address (IP address) of the computer or device from which you are accessing your account to help detect and prevent possible instances of fraud or unauthorized transactions. The collected Sensitive Information stated above will be used for authentication purposes and identity confirmation and cannot be disclosed except to the Coordinating Member or authorized personnel. Providing us with your registered account will also make it easier for us to investigate and identify solutions should problems regarding any transaction/s with us occur.

Disclosure of Personal Information and Storage of Information knows the importance of protecting your security online that's why we have applied measures to ensure that your information cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. All passwords are encrypted and servers are placed in areas which can be accessed only by authorized personnel. Debit/Credit card numbers and security codes on the other hand, are never stored in any of our servers for your own protection. Each time you make a transaction, you have to re-enter your password through a tested and secured connection. However, the security responsibility doesn't rely solely on’s side. We expect that you, as a user, would also exercise the same responsibility in making sure that passwords and critical information are kept in confidentiality. Make sure that the password you are using is familiar to you but could not be easily guessed by other people. Make sure that you sign-out completely after using our service. It is recommended that you close the browser window that you are using whenever you finish browsing a particular site.